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Host Terms & Conditions – Vevaspace.com

  1. Verification:
  • Vevaspace.com is a strictly owner-oriented platform, dedicated to ensuring added peace of mind. We kindly request hosts to undergo a verification process to establish trust and credibility.
  1. Commission and Transactional Fees:
  • As part of site maintenance and marketing efforts, Vevaspace.com charges a 10% commission from the total booking value.
  • Additionally, a 3.5% transactional fee is applied to each booking for real-time 3rd party automation, ensuring the safety and security of transactions.
  1. Manual Verification:
  • All property listings must undergo manual verification by our on-ground agents before going live on the platform. This process is in place to maintain the quality and authenticity of the listings.
  1. Calendar Compatibility:
  • Vevaspace.com provides a booking engine with a calendar feature that is compatible with other listing platforms. Hosts are advised to sync their calendars, particularly using iCalendar, to avoid any potential double bookings.
  1. Default Calendar and Real-Time Alerts:
  • Hosts are encouraged to use the Vevaspace.com calendar as the default for their bookings, ensuring easy management and synchronization across platforms.
  • The calendar also provides real-time alerts via SMS and email, enabling hosts to stay updated on bookings and inquiries.
  1. Cancellation Policy:
  • Vevaspace.com allows hosts to define their own cancellation policies for individual listings. Hosts are responsible for clearly communicating their cancellation terms to guests.
  • For walk-ins, individuals, or direct bookings, the general cancellation policy is as follows:
    • Cancellation up to 10 days before the check-in date incurs no penalty.
    • Cancellation 5 days before the check-in date incurs a 20% penalty.
    • No refunds are provided for cancellations on the check-in day.
    • No-shows will not receive a refund.
  1. Payouts:
  • Payouts are processed from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm East Africa Time (EAT).

Please ensure that you read and understand these terms and conditions before listing your property on Vevaspace.com. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. support@vevaspace.com



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